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Going Big: How to Transfer Lettering to a Wall

Going big with your lettering is incredibly challenging, but so satisfying when you're done.

Creating on large walls versus a small sheet of paper is a whole other ball game with a different set of challenges. I'm going to break down a few techniques, but first here's a quick story.

In my early days of hand lettering, I had the opportunity to assist a sign painter duo by the name of Caesar and Tom. I worked with them on a number of jobs, but there was one in particular that inspired me to push my limits and go big.

It was the middle of winter, and the assignment was to paint an advertisement for a Polish beer company on the side of a building in Queens, NY. The ad was massive! Four stories tall, with letters larger than my entire body.

For 5 straight days they worked out in the freezing cold, suspended high in the air on a cherry picker, with all of their paints and brushes and ready to go. There was one day where the snow came down so hard that we had to stop early because the paint was getting diluted. 

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Eric Friedensohn